Market Info April 23, 2023

Getting Ready for Market


Considering selling this spring? Here are 3 tips to get your home ready for the market.

1) Clean & organize. End to end, clean everything! While you are cleaning, declutter. Remove unnecessary items. If you aren’t going to use it before you move, pack it up. Less clutter makes for roomier appearance and easier to keep clean.

2) Catch up on deferred maintenance. Drippy faucets can be tightened up or easily remedied with a new gasket. Have HVAC units inspected and serviced. Put a new coat of paint on exposed wood. It could save you from issues arising during inspection periods

3) Remove highly personalized items. You may love your collection of hello kitty clocks, but others may find them distracting or unattractive. Pack them up so that they will be ready for the move to your next home. Additionally, if you have very boldly painted walls, you might consider painting them a more neutral color.

When potential buyers call you out for these things, it may seem petty. None the less, all these things can impact the value they see in your home. My goal is for sellers to net the best potential profit from the sale of their property. If you would like a constructive opinion of the preparation that would have the most impact, give me a call.

*BONUS TIP* Make sure all light bulbs are operational and, for the best impression, change them all out to matching bright tones.