Uncategorized November 3, 2023

November Reminds us to be Thankful

November is the month to be thankful! Well I have a lot to be thankful for. My health, my family and by the grace of God, I have survived all of the stupid things that I have ever done. In my business, October was a good month for me and my business partner! We had 4 closing with some fantastic friends & family.

Get ready for some serious house-hopping updates! Ruth bid adieu to her sweet bungalow in LANA and scooted a few blocks over to a jaw-dropping Craftsman. I can’t wait to peep what she’s done at the housewarming bash! Ross and Alison ditched their wedding nest for a bigger pad in anticipation of Garrett Thomas’ grand debut! Bonus: it even has a grandparents’ suite! On the last day of the month, after a rollercoaster transaction, Cody, Emily & Colson happily settled into their first family home! Mama Sandi gave me strict orders to keep an eye on her baby, so I’m excited to watch their family bloom.